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Microsoft Compatibility

Enex is improving the way developers prepare for Windows7.

Enex TestLab's Microsoft Windows7 Compatibility Testing and Microsoft Windows Logo Certification Packages are new costsaving services for managing your application compatibility with Microsoft's upcoming Operating System - Windows7.

In partnership with Microsoft, Enex TestLab now offers a choice of application testing services that range from low-cost, rapid-response testing of your application's compatibility with the new OS, through to complete certification under the Microsoft Logo.

These packages are specifically designed to help save you money, time, resources and headaches during the build up to Windows7. The value of using Enex TestLab to undertake your compatibility testing includes:

  • Ensuring your application is compatible with Windows7.
  • Keeping your costs down, and your resources and developers focused on developing.
  • Minimising the chances of needing costly patches after release.


Enex TestLab has over 20 years experience in professional independent testing for organisations of all sizes.

Enex's testing-specific business model enables it to provide core testing and reporting services at a compelling rate. Rather than troubling with your own testing, Enex TestLab's dedicated service delivers genuine trickle-down savings for every organisation.

Significant changes made to Windows7 (particularly to the way third-party code is handled) mean that just because an application installs successfully on the Beta version doesn't guarantee that incompatibilities do not exist. Compatibility testing needs to be done right.

The most popular Level 1 testing package offers a no-fuss, low-cost, rapid response testing of your application compatibility with Windows7. Detailed reports are provided to your developers and you are welcome to a re-test after making changes (more details over the page).

Don't get caught having to release costly patches or updates. Avoid the repercussions at your helpdesk.